• London: +44(0)1959 576 017
  • Helicopter Charter Shooting

  • London: +44(0)1959 576 017
  • Helicopter Charter Shooting

    A helicopter transfer with Castle Air provides the ideal start to an excellent shooting trip, avoiding lengthy car journeys and offering the opportunity to enjoy spectacular scenery en-route. Capable of reaching even the most inaccessible grouse moors quickly, safely and in style, we pride ourselves on providing the very best in helicopter travel.

    Organising Helicopter Charter to your next Shooting Event with Castle Air is quick & simple

    Castle Air is the perfect choice for any shoot throughout the United Kingdom. We have a fleet of executive turbine A109 Agustas that can comfortably seat up to 6 passengers and transport your guns.

    Below are just some of our partners where we regularly fly clients to:

    Bettws Hall Estate Exmoor 01686 650628
    Ashcombe Shoot Wiltshire 01747 828428
    Cockhaise Shoot West Sussex 01444 484458
    Garrowby Estate Yorkshire 01759 368236
    Warter Priory Yorkshire 01759 302167
    Challacombe Exmoor 01398 331174
    Haddeo Exmoor 01398 331174
    Loyton Lodge Exmoor 01398 331174


    Helicopter Charter Shooting

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