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    helicopter salesThe thought of purchasing a helicopter, can be a daunting one and not something that you would want to get wrong. Castle Air has years of experience in helicopter sales and has developed a database of contacts spanning over 55 countries.

    The first vital step is to determine your requirements and select the aircraft type that is right for you, in terms of climate, use, size and budget. Then through our extensive worldwide network we will source a number of available aircraft and perform a comparative analysis to help you make the right decision.

    Once an aircraft has been selected we can undertake the negotiation on your behalf. We understand the market value of aircraft better than anyone and will make sure you are getting the best value for your money. We can then arrange for you to place your deposit in escrow and issue pre-purchase agreements between you and the seller to ensure that you are protected throughout the process.

    As a helicopter sales specialist, we can take care of the whole purchase process from start to finish, including registration, taxation, import/export issues and contractual documentation. Aviation ownership can offer tax advantages and our experts can advise you on maximising the benefits. We can also arrange specialist aviation finance and insurance for you.

    On completion of the sale we will arrange delivery of the aircraft to your chosen location.

    Once you have purchased your aircraft, we can offer an aircraft management programme tailored to suit your exact needs – from full turnkey solutions to bespoke services. We also offer clients the opportunity to add their aircraft to Castle Air’s charter fleet, therefore generating revenue to offset a substantial proportion of their ownership costs.

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    Castle Air has an extensive range of helicopters for sale in the showroom

    helicopter salesCastle Air has an extensive aircraft showroom, and is one of the largest dealers of AW109 series in the world.

    Using our ability to purchase aircraft for stock, we always have a good range of aircraft for sale, covering all AW109 variants and ages. Our professional customer focused approach to helicopter sales, coupled with our ability to take aircraft as part exchange, ensures that customers remain with us for many years as they upgrade or renew their helicopters.

    If required Castle Air can supply you with an Agusta AW109 or AW139 custom built to meet your exact requirements. We also have the capability to perform complete interior and exterior refurbishments.

    All aircraft sold have been thoroughly surveyed by our very experienced engineering team, with all outstanding maintenance carried out, defects rectified, mandatory modifications embodied and any required refurbishment undertaken.

    Visit our Aircraft Showroom for details of our current portfolio of Agusta and Bell helicopters.

    Helicopter Acquisitions & Sales

    We offer a complete end-to-end service and can steer you through the complexities of registration, taxation, contractual documentation and export/import.


    Helicopter Sales

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