• London: +44(0)1959 576 017
  • In House Skills & Equipment

  • London: +44(0)1959 576 017
  • In-House Skills & Equipment

    In-House Skills & Equipment Castle Air have their own in-house pilots and cameraman who are well known throughout the industry and can provide a truly professional service with their vast knowledge and experience.

    We were particularly proud when in 2003 one of our pilots was given a special award by The Guild of Television Cameramen in recognition of his outstanding contribution to the industry.

    Our incredible in-house skills and equipment makes us your one-stop complete aerial unit

    In addition, Castle Air own all of their own filming equipment with all helicopters equipped with basic hand held camera platforms, as well as all the technical equipment required to undertake aerial filming.

    It is this ability to provide a one-stop complete aerial unit that sets us apart from our competitors and allows us to deliver Producers the best service at a cost-effective package price.

    Contact Castle Air today for the very best in aerial filming, Private Charter Helicopters & to find out more about our in-house skills and equipment:

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